Bedroom window

Because you deserve some extra personal space, our 1 Bedroom unit provides solace from the busy energy outside, and more than enough room to pursue your personal endeavors without leaving the comfort of home. Extend your personal capabilities at home with extra space for your living, working and storage needs.

Spacious bedroom

The bedroom layout is designed to offer ample space for well-rested nights. The ergonomic bed frame and wood headboard and space for lamps make it more unique and charming. The huge window brings in natural light during the day and some air whenever you want. Recessed lights that provide ambient lightning enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

The bedroom

Our 1-bedroom unit distinctly separates the living area and the sleeping space, promoting a more homey ambiance. It is ideal for a couple or a person who enjoys the freedom of living alone. It is perfect for the millennials who want to invest their hard-earned money to sound investment.

Working area at the loft

For remote working, a workstation at the loft is a good idea. It makes working more conducive and distraction-free. You can put shelves that serve as a storage and display area for your books, favorite stuff, and working essentials. Having a dedicated working area will make you more productive and focused on your tasks.

The loft

The open style of the loft is impressive. It is engineered using the AddLoft Technology of My Enso Lofts. This unique system works on the concept of maximizing all usable space to create a modern minimalist and chic home. You have the option to customize its look and display your creative side by placing all … Continue reading The loft

Loft stairs

The stair to the loft is not only functional that also serves as storage that also adds to the overall beauty of the unit. It successfully separates the bedroom and the dining/kitchen area. This unique design is one of the selling points along with the loft working area. The staircase steps are built with ideal … Continue reading Loft stairs

Dining area

With a larger floor area, there is a space for a dining table and chairs for 2 to 4 persons. Having a multi-functional table where you can have everyone enjoying good food and exchanging stories makes entertaining more fun. Tucked in one side, there is ample space to move around the kitchen.

Living area

A comfy, large sofa bed is the heart of the living area. It is your comfort seat when you just want to relax, watch TV, or do some game stuff. You can choose to have a minimalist look or add some accessories that define your personality and lifestyle. A floor lamp provides direct to ambient … Continue reading Living area

Entertainment area

A section for your entertainment devices and gadgets adds the pleasure of living in a condo. A wide-screen television mounted on the wall is the prime essential. The top of the cabinet below serves as a display area for your PS4 and other gaming gadgets. The shelves with easy-open-doors can store other stuff that you … Continue reading Entertainment area

Spacious kitchen area

A spacious kitchen section is always a wonderful element. It offers ample room to move around and multi-task. A big fridge is ready for all your staple foods and drinks. One side has the sink for all your dish-washing and cleaning tasks, while the other side features the provisions for cooking top and washer.