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My EnsŌ Lofts

general questions

Where is My Enso Lofts located?

My Ensō Lofts is located on a four-lane road at the heart of Quezon City’s entertainment district within the DILIMAN area of Northeastern Metro Manila. It runs EAST – WEST through the southern edge of the Brgy. South Triangle.

  • Address: Sgt. Esguerra Ave. and Timog Ave., Brgy. South Triangle, District 4, Quezon City, Philippines
  • Near multiple major transport networks
    • 10 minutes walk to GMA Kamuning MRT Station
    • Proposed East Ave. subway station

What is the area size of the project?

Area size is approximately 3,000 sqm

What is the height of the building?

My Enso Lofts height from National Grade Line (NGL) is 174.76 meters.

How many units per floor?

With 40 residential floors. There are 17 units to 33 units available per floor (Average of 30 units per floor)

  • Inclusive of 4 penthouse floors with combined units

Does My Enso Lofts has retail spaces?

Yes. The project is a high-rise tower with a mixed-use development of residential, parking and commercial areas.

How many retail spaces and where is it located?

As per the latest plan, the project allocated 21 retail units of size ranging from 30 – 160 but subject to amendments following the tenant’s requirements. Three levels were allocated for the commercial area from the lower ground floor to the second floor.

Are the retail spaces for sale?

As of now, options are still open to have the commercial are under lease or sale. The team will be kept informed of any final directions given by the management.

What are the shops in the retail area?

None as of the moment but preferably restaurants, bars, coffee shops, salon, boutiques, etc.

Where is the residential main lobby facing in terms of the street?

The residential main lobby is along Sgt Esguerra Road.

Where is the residential lobby located?

The residential lobby is located in the 2nd-floor area.

Will there be a drop-off area for the residential lobby?

With the residential lobby on the 2nd floor, residents may either choose Timog or Sgt. Esguerra as its drop-off. This is subject to change following PMO’s house rules in the future.

Will there be a separate drop-off area for the residential and retail area? where and what street?

No. both retail and residential use the same drop-off in both entrances.

How many buildings will My Enso Lofts have?

My Enso Lofts is a single tower, mixed-use, high-rise condominium development.

How many floor levels does My Enso Lofts have?

The project will have 6 basement levels for parking, 3 floors for commercial, 2 amenity floor levels, and 40 residential floor levels.

  • Parking: Basement levels 1 to 6
  • Commercial: Lower ground, upper ground, and 2nd floor
  • Amenity: 3rd and 4th floor
  • Residential: 5th to 45th floor
  • Total floor levels: 45 floors

Where is the residential floor starts?

The residential floor starts on the 5th floor and up, with a total of 40 residential floors.

How many residential and commercial units are there in My Enso Lofts?

  • Residential: 1,204 units
  • Commercial: 21 units
    • With an estimate of around 21 retail spaces inclusive of the mini-mart area, My Enso’s commercial area will cater to your everyday needs.

Where is the entrance going to the basement level for vehicles?

The entrance to the parking area is at Upper Ground Floor along Sgt. Esguerra.

Where is the residential parking floors located?

Residential parking is located in the basement with 6 level floors.

Does the project provide retail parking slots?

Yes, located at basement 1 with 38 commercial slots.

How many residential parking slots in total?

There are 6 parking basement levels with a total of 349 slots.

  • 38 commercial parking slots
  • 311 residential parking slots
    • some slots with provision for car lift

What unit types My Enso Lofts have?

  • Studio
  • 1BR (Alpha and Beta)
  • 2BR (Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta)

What is the difference of 1BR-Alpha and 1BR-Beta?

The difference is the unit layout, area size, and loft area. 1BR-Alpha is smaller in size compared to 1BR-Beta. Also, 1BR-Beta is exclusive at the Penthouse floors.

What is the difference of 2BR Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta?

Said unit types differ in unit-layouts area sizes (floor and loft area) and location (2BR-Charlie and Delta units are exclusive for Penthouse floors).

Is the loft area included in the price per sqm?

No. Loft area is given for free, at no extra cost. Price per sqm of the unit is based on the floor area only.

Are the units standard finished?

Please refer to the following list: 

my enso lofts unit specification

What are the inclusion in the units?

All units have a split-type air conditioner, heater, access card, and loft with stairs.

Do all units has balcony?

No. Only 1BR Alpha and all variants of 2Bedroom (Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta) have balconies.

What is the floor to ceiling height of the unit?

  • Hallway Location: 3.35 – 3.40m
  • Living/ Dining/ Bedroom units: 3.35 – 3.40m
  • Kitchen/ T& B: 2.15 – 2.20m

What is the loft to ceiling height?

Loft to the ceiling is 1.2m (crawling space).

What is the floor to ceiling height of in the kitchen?

Floor to ceiling in the kitchen area is 2.15-2.20m.

What is the load capacity of the loft? And what materials will be used in the loft?

For the load, no computation yet. The materials used are MDF.

Do we have provision for washing machine?

Yes. All unit types have provisions for washing machines located in the kitchen area.

What are My Enso Lofts Amenities?

With an overall team of modern – minimalist, the amenities and facilities offered by My Enso Lofts include:

  • Gym
  • 2 Infinity pools
  • Play area for kids
  • Garden with seats
  • Co-working spaces
  • Lounge areas
  • Function room
  • Roofdeck garden

How many zones does My Enso Lofts have?

We have 4 zones:
5th – 17th Floor: Low Zone
(this excludes 13th-floor count).
18th – 29th Floor: Mid Zone
30th – 41st Floor: High Zone
42nd – 45th Floor: Penthouse Level


How many elevators does My Enso Lofts have?

We have a total of 8 elevators.

What is the width and height of hallway?

Width more or less its 1.4m and height is 3.4m.

Are the units provided with INTERCOM, walk-in cabinets and laundry areas?

The listed items are not included in the unit deliverables.

Is Airbnb allowed in My Enso Lofts?

In concept, we may allow such in My Enso Lofts. However, at present, we have yet to formalize the house rules to ensure the safety and security of all residents (owners or temporary occupants).

What are the views that can be seen in North, South East, and West units?

Based on the review, city developments will most likely view from units of the building.

Can we combine units during preselling period?

We will turnover the units following the agreed deliverable. If the buyer wishes to combine the units purchased, he/she may do so after the turnover of standard unit and approval on his/her submitted alterations.

Can the buyers widen the stairs? Or can they customize the unit?

All alterations are subject to the review of the technical committee as they may have an impact on the structural integrity and exterior facade of the project.

Are all loft areas have mini windows?

With all units having a loft, Transom windows are also provided.

Will there be a limitation on the number of residents per unit?

House rules have yet to be in-place but most likely we will adopt similar industry standards.

Is there a pocket garden in all floors?

No. There are selected floors with pocket gardens which serve as a breathing space in the building.

How much is the association dues?

As of now, we have not yet identified property management for the project. We will identify the association dues once we have appointed PMO.

Are the doors of the unit key-less? Or the access card is only for the usage in the elevator?

The units will use access cards for entry with pending identification if to still provide key.

Is the loft area reflected in the title?

The loft area is not reflected in the title.

Are the parking slots titled or rights?

The parking slots are saleable and will be documented with CTS, DOAS, and CCT.

other questions

Where is the lobby located?

The lobby is located on the second floor of MY ENSO Lofts, the High –ceiling lobby gives an inviting mood to residents. With informal and formal lobby, this spacious amenity is one of the main features of the project

Where is the Amenity area located?

The amenity area is located on the 3rd and 4th level of My Enso Lofts, the amenity area is generous in size both in vertical and horizontal aspects characterized by 2 infinity pools, a garden with seats, children’s area, co-working spaces, lounge, function rooms and gym.

What are the tower features?

  • 8 Elevators (inc. one service elevator)
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
  • Centralized Mailroom System
  • Property Management Services
  • WiFi common area
    • Lobby and amenity floor
  • Standby Generators

Is the roof deck available for residents?

Yes. At the highest level of the development, one will surely be enthralled by the panoramic view of the city as one sits in the roof deck garden of My Enso Lofts.

What is the project timeline?

Project Launch: October 2020
Construction Starts: October 2021
Construction End: Q3 – Q4 2026
Target Turnover Date: Q3 – Q4 2026