Master’s bedroom entertainment area

Our 2 Bedroom unit balances the dynamic of large families and roommates to provide a harmonious environment that allows everyone to thrive especially with extra space that naturally conforms to everyone’s needs. Add more possibilities for your loved ones. Thanks to extra living, work, or storage space above your regular condo space.

The Master’s bedroom

Our master bedroom layout is hotel-like. It will remind you of your staycation in your favorite places. There are built-in cabinets and shelves for your clothes, bags, accessories, and more. The huge bed is perfect for a couple or a small family who want to sleep together. The recessed lighting makes the room more intimate.

The other bedroom

The second bedroom is also equipped with built-in cabinets. It serves as a guest room or a child’s room. A spare room can also serve other purposes, but for couples who are planning for a family, it is a good way to start. Creating your dream home with the conveniences that condo living gives makes … Continue reading The other bedroom

Loft as working area

People who work remotely or want a personal sanctuary away love the idea of a loft area. It is spacious that you can put work tables and shelves for all your knick-knacks. You can have another bed or comfy bean bags if you need a short break away from your laptop. You can even entertain … Continue reading Loft as working area

Loft area

Optimizing the whole space of the units through the proprietary AddLoft Technology sets My Enso Lofts apart from the rest. Millennials and people who want a lot of space without breaking their budget love the layout and the designs of the developer. The loft area offers a lot of options that include work-from-home set-up.

Living area

The core of every home is the living room. The living area between the two bedrooms can have a three-seater comfy sofa bed that faces the entertainment section. The streaming light from the window and glass frame provides natural illumination. Create a more charming space by adding more personal items and decors.

Other side of dining area

The other side of the dining area houses the built-in hanging cabinets and shelves for kitchen essentials and groceries. It has provisions for a large refrigerator, laundry machine, electric cooktop, range hood, and a built-in sink. There is a space for your rice cooker, coffee maker, air-fryer, and other must-have items.

The dining area

A table that can accommodate four persons is the core of the dining space. Simply stack some spare chairs for your guests. There is enough room to move around as you prepare the table and serve the food. A ceiling lamp adds drama while offering illumination for enjoyable meals with loved ones.

The entrance

You will love the spacious entrance to the living area as you enter the door. You have your own foyer inside the room, which allows you to add a slim table or maybe some plants to spruce up your unit. The walls are perfect for paintings, framed photos, and artworks.