The bedroom

Standard living never felt so extra. Our studio units make the most of a refined, minimalist design to create extra space you won’t find in the usual studio unit. This opens up many options for you to achieve the future you deserve. Expand your Studio unit with infinite living, work and storage possibilities.

View from the loft

Wake up each day enjoying the view of your living space from above. A nice, Instagram-worthy sight is very motivating. The separated area brings an impression of spacious space, making it feel like home. It is the perfect choice for a single individual or new couple who is starting a life together.

Working area

There is a designated working area for you in a strategic corner where the big windows are located. So, you get natural light while doing your stuff or close the blinds when you want a more conducive ambiance to be more productive. The working station offers a lot of space for your laptop or PC … Continue reading Working area

Your bed

A comfortable, spacious bed is vital to well-being. The open space of the loft bedroom offers a very relaxing vibe that rejuvenates the body and mind. Make your bed the focal point of the room by just adding your favorite pillows, bed cover, and comforter. You can also add some stuff to customize the space.

Entertainment area

Every inch of your space counts for My Enso Lofts. The entertainment area is incorporated into the living area, letting you enjoy watching your favorite Netflix shows on a big-screen TV. You can put a floating shelf for your other entertainment devices and essentials. It keeps everything tidy and place, eliminating visual clutter.

Lofts stairs

The stair to access the loft area is safe and secure. There is a handrail for additional protection while you up and down and a wider step space. The staircase complements the overall theme design of the lower space, it also serves as a cabinet giving you more storage for your valuables, delivering an impression … Continue reading Lofts stairs

Living area

A small, comfy sofa bed with a lighting fixture that sets the mood enlivens the living room. You can put a cabinet on the side to store your stuff while the top offers space for items you want to display. You can be highly-creative and transform your living area by adding your personal favorites.

Kitchen area

The small but functional kitchen has everything you need. A floating cupboard can help you with all your dry groceries and dining wares. The space-saving kitchen area has a spacious sink for all your washing needs, an electric cooktop, and a washer for your laundry. You can easily multitask during your busy day.

Studio Unit with Addloft technology

The unique, proprietary AddLoft Technology maximizes the space of the unit up to 38%. It allows easy customization of the whole space by expanding usable areas. The high ceiling makes building a loft area easier, making the unit residents enjoy their freedom. You can do more with the limited space without hurting your budget.

The entrance

The entrance to the unit is spacious, allowing easy access to the living and entertainment area. The door opening leads to your tiny but functional kitchen area, so you can conveniently place your groceries or stuff on the kitchen counter. Its size is configured for the functional distribution of the core home spaces.